Changes to Casual Employment

Other than small businesses with less than 15 employees, employers will need to assess whether to offer permanent employment to their existing casual employees by 27th September 2021.

Casual employees must be offered a permanent position in writing:

· If they have worked for them for at least twelve months.

· They have worked the same number of hours consistently for the past six months.

· Their regular hours could be maintained as a permanent employee without significant changes.

The offer needs to be for the employee to convert to:

· Full-Time employment, if the employee’s hours worked for at least the last 6 months have been the same as full time hours, or

· Part-Time employment least the last 6 months have been less than full-time hours.

The employer needs to make this offer to the employee before the 27th September 2021 or within 21 days after their 12-month anniversary, whichever is later.

If a casual employee accepts an employer’s offer to convert, the employer needs to then confirm this information in writing to their employee within 21 days after the employee accepts their offer.

The employer does not have to offer casual conversion if

· They have reasonable grounds for not doing so, or

· The employee isn't eligible.

If this applies, the casual must be told in writing why they are not being offered permanent employment within 21 days of making the assessment, but by no later than 27th September 2021.

For more information:

Download the Casual Employment Information Statement

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