Shoalhaven Business Focus: Decadence Cakes Gifts and Treats

Balancing work and home life can be difficult, but it takes something special to run a business with your partner. Billie and Pete Nosworthy met whilst working in a restaurant in Bowral. Their shared love of good food has blossomed into a family and a thriving Nowra business: Decadence Cakes Gifts and Treats. If you haven’t tasted their baked cheesecakes, then follow the scent of fresh baking, and head to 50 Berry St, Nowra where you can peruse the glass cabinets, brimming with sumptuous cakes, tarts and pies, browse their homewares, and pick up an excellent coffee from their barista.

Their business journey started in 2013, just before their first child was born. Pete, a chef with 15 years industry experience and a specialisation in pastry, noticed the struggle to find wholesale quality cakes and sweet treats. They took the brave decision to start a home-based business, baking their own cakes, tarts and slices and selling them to local cafes and restaurants, simultaneously juggling family life and their other careers. Soon they were baking over 100 cakes a week, working until the early hours; with another baby on the way, something needed to give!

They made the leap to opening a shop-front in 2017, around the same time their small children discovered buckets of chocolate at home. It was a huge step, stretching them to the limit financially and emotionally, but it was the right one for them. Working together has helped them forge a strong relationship and grow their business. They now bake around 2000 cakes a week and supply wholesale baked goods to cafes and restaurants from Kiama to Uladulla.

The long hours and uncertainty of running a business is a constant challenge and things are not always rosy. The COVID lock-down was their lowest point, 70% of their business was lost overnight and they were forced to lay off their staff. Quick thinking and a steely determination saw them diversify into a range of healthy, homemade meals. Loyal customers and the support of the Shoalhaven community helped pull their business back; they have now re-employed all their staff, plus 3 extras.

“We don’t know how to thank everyone who supported us, except to say that you truly saved our livelihood”.

The fabulous Decadence Team now help to keep the shop and kitchen running smoothly, allowing Billie and Pete some time to spend as a family.

December is their busiest time and they are already stocking gourmet hampers and their famous Christmas puddings (with a good splash of brandy). Pop into their store and stock up on some Christmas cheer!

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