Tips and Checklists for New Employees

Getting a new employee on board can mean working through lots of to-do items. We’ve made a handy checklists to make the process easier for you.

1. You’ll need certain details from your new employee before you can pay them, and also for record keeping and as required by law.

· NAT 3092 tax file number declaration form

· NAT 13080 super choice form (also known as superannuation standard choice form)

2. Documents to request

· If necessary, a copy of the licence required for the job (for example, a driver’s licence or forklift licence)

· A copy of their working visa (for non-citizens)

3. Start their personnel record

· Salary record or wage and time record

· Leave and holiday record

4. Employee details you’ll need

· Full name, address, contact number, and email address

· Emergency contact details

· Any special medical needs

· Bank account details (if this is the method of payment for salary or wages)

5. Details to provide to your employee

· Any documents that can be read beforehand, such as training materials, code of conduct, and information about work hours, break times, benefits, and holidays and leave

· Where to go on day one and who to ask for on arrival

· The dress code

· Any tools, equipment, or other materials they’ll need to bring

· Logistic Give them keys, an access card, or anything they’ll need to enter your workplace.

· Set up their workstation and any equipment they’ll need.

· Organise time for key team members to meet with the new employee.

· Make sure any special medical needs are met.

Our Tips to Make the First Day a Success:

  1. Start early: Make sure everything’s ready before your employee’s first day.

  2. Clarity is key: Give them a clear roadmap of how they can succeed at their job.

  3. Constant communication: Let them know you’re always available to answer any questions, lend a helping hand, or even just for a casual chat.

  4. Make it personal: Adding a personal touch to the employee onboarding experience can make your new employee feel valued.

  5. The little things count: From where the lunch area is to how to use the printer, providing your new employee with all the information they need – no matter how small – will help them succeed.

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