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Choose the package that best suits the requirements of your business

We are certified bookkeepers and registered BAS agents, offering a range of professional bookkeeping services. We understand that your business is unique, so we can tailor our packages to suit

your business requirements.

We offer monthly bookkeeping fees customised to your business or hourly rates if preferred. Simply choose the
services you need and pay a predictable fee every month (no surprises). Monthly bookkeeping prices start from just $200 +GST per month. Please get in touch for a no obligation meeting and quote.

Bookkeeping services

Starting from
$250 per month + GST

Bookkeeping activities, ensuring that all financial information is up to date using online accounting software

Employee Packages

Starting from
$50 per employee per month + GST

Processing of payroll, including calculating and processing employee payments

Accounts payable

Starting from
$250 per month + GST

Invoice entry, preparation of accounts payable report, with payment services also available.

Keep track of job/store costs with job allocation

Accounts receivable

Starting from
$250 per month + GST

Monitoring and following up debtors with outstanding invoices owed to you

Annual Business Review

Tailored to suit your business

In depth meeting detailing business overview, financial performance, processes and efficiency, budgeting, reporting and recommendations

Quarterly Meetings

Tailored to suit your business

Quarterly meetings to discuss your profit and loss, business snapshot, sales, cash flow and profitability KPI's

Business Planning

Creating a succinct business plan

A 4 hour session designed to identify and prioritise your goals, create strategies to achieve them, review performance against targets and establish an action plan to address immediate and critical issues

Management Reporting

Monitoring key drivers and financials

Monthly management reports ensure you understand your financial position so that you can implement meaningful improvement strategies and achieve your business goals

Complimentary Client Review

Set and review your business goals

The CCR provides clarity around the actions you need to take to achieve your goals, stimulating strategic discussion and identifying issues, opportunities and challenges

Cashflow & Profit Improvement Meeting

Better Manage your Cashflow

We will determine your business's Cash Conversion Cycle, the help to identify strategies to shorten the cycle, resulting in more money in your bank account

Annual Accounts Review

Understanding your annual accounts and taxation commitments

We'll help you to understand your accounting reports, developing your financial skills so that you can run your business better

Annual Forecasting

Annual Cashflow Forecast to aid decison-making

Helping you to be proactive in managing your cashflow. When you know what money is coming out of your business and when, you can confidently plan and execute your business growth and initiate strategies to reach you goals

Cashflow Management

Improve your Cash Conversion Cycle and maximise cashflow

We'll conduct a thorough review of your processes to understand your cashflow, regularly monitoring, analysing and adjusting your key cashflow drivers, setting goals and devising action plans for maximum results

Quarterly Coaching

Increased accountability and support

Increased profitability and cashflow, customised reporting templates, and access to an expert sounding board to ensure you are working towards your goals

Monthly Coaching

Working together to reach your business goals

Our monthly coaching programme provides you with accountability and support. Together we'll work to develop strategies to help you reach the lifestyle you want

Financial Awareness Coaching

Understanding your business

We'll meet regularly to discuss your financial results, culminating in you learning to produce and interpret your own customised monthly financial reports

KPI Improvement Coaching

Understanding KPI's and implementing tactical plans

We'll help you to understand what your key drivers are, teach you how to measure them and set targets and provide coaching to help you implement tactical plans

Virtual PLanning for Success

Take control of your business

Attend a monthly two-hour workshop in a supportive setting, learning how to minimise procrastination and stress, learn best business strategies, and identify your goals, all while achieving sustainable business growth

One-off Services

Cloud software setup

Starting from
$175 + GST

New business cloud software setup, or software transition starting from $350 + GST


$150 per hour + GST

Gain the skills you need to maintain and understand your finances with one of our experts

Quarterly BAS preparation & lodgement

$120 per month + GST

Quarterly review of client bookkeeping, followed by preparation and lodgement of BAS. Add $50 + GST per month for ongoing support and advice

GST Registration

$50 + GST

GST registration with the ATO

PAYGW Registration

$50 + GST

PAYGW registration with the ATO

GST & PAYGW Registration

$75 + GST

GST & PAYGW registration with the ATO

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