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Festive Season Hiring

The Festive Season is just around the corner and many businesses are now looking to recruit their seasonal workforce.

The most flexible way to achieve this is to employ casual staff. Casuals are employed ad-hoc and as needed, making them ideal for seasonal roles in various industries. It is important that employers are aware of their obligations when employing casual staff such as the minimum hours per shift, the casual loading, and the nature of casual work. Below is a summary of our recent blog entitled "Hiring Casuals for the Festive Season" There will be a link below in this article should you wish to learn more. Key Considerations when employing casuals

  • Have a thorough understanding of the Award that you are employing your casual under, including entitlements, etc

  • Provide an employment contract

  • Provide policies and procedures for casuals to read, understand and agree to

  • Provide a job description

  • If you are employing a young person, consideration should be given to any relevant child employment laws applicable

  • Provide the casual employee with a copy of a Casual Employment Information Statement

  • Do a proper induction - inc WHS policies and procedures/equipment usuage etc

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