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Annual Leave Loading

Annual Leave Loading

  • What is Annual Leave Loading?

    • Annual leave loading (leave loading) is an extra payment on top of annual leave to pay, which is usually 17.5% (but may be higher depending on the award or agreement).

  • When is Leave Loading paid?

    • Leave loading is paid when an employee takes a period of paid annual leave and is also paid on accrued annual leave on termination.

  • How much annual leave is a full-time or part-time employee entitled to?

    • The National Employment Standards (NES) prescribe a minimum of four weeks paid annual leave per year for full-time and part-time employees regardless of any award, agreement or employment contract provision.

  • Where is it documented that an employer must pay leave loading?

    • Modern awards and enterprise agreements are the industrial instruments that specify leave loading, and these are legal employee entitlements that must be provided by employers.

annual leave loading

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